A fundamental tool

Our commitment to quality lies in customer satisfaction and the ability to respond to you business needs.

This commitment materializes in the availability of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification

The TÜV CERT certificate for quality systems is the fastest way to get to the top, walking straight ahead.

The efficiency of the quality system guarantees the constant development and improvement of your business organization. The requirements of the clients are easily satisfied and the confindence in your company grows constantly.







Product quality

To ensure the quality of the product, regardless of the requirements of our suppliers, we have a quality laboratory where we can inspect the chemical mechanical and dimensional characteristic of the pieces received, as well as the thickness of the coatings.

Means that make up our laboratory:

  1. Spectograph SPECTROMAX 233-670.
  2. Thickness gauge MINITEST 600.
  3. Sample preparation of MECATOME T 255/300.
  4. HAWK measuring microscope H5.
  5. Rockwell hardness checker, surface Rockwell and Brinell MITUTOYO ATKF-1000.
  6. Vickers hardness tester MITUTOYO HM-122.
  7. Tampons and thread verification rings.
  8. Gauges, micrometers and comparators.

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